Electronic waste (E-waste) comprises of waste electrical/electronic goods which are not fit for their originally intended use. These outdated/obsolete appliances or electrical/electronic devices found in offices and houses can become hazardous if not discarded properly. E-waste is hazardous as it contains hazardous constituents like toxic substances and chemicals, which can have adverse effect on environment and health, if released indiscriminately into the environment. Safety and environmental considerations must be taken into account when disposing of old electrical household appliances.

To promote environmental sustainability in Indian Industry, Godrej Group under the chairmanship of Mr. Jamshyd N Godrejis signatory to the ‘Mission on Sustainable Growth-CII Code for Ecologically Sustainable Growth’. Godrej is committed to reduce resource intensity & emissions, discharge & waste generation by 2-6% every year.


Godrej is committed to protect our environment by ensuring safe disposal of their Appliances e.g. Refrigerators, Washing Machines&Air-Conditioners after the end of their useful life.

As per E-Waste Management & Handling Rules 2011 issued by Ministry of Environment and Forest,E-Waste has been defined as “waste electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part or rejects from their manufacturing and repair process, which are intended to be discarded”. Electrical and electronic equipment has been defined as “equipment which is dependent on electrical currents or electro-magnetic fields to fully functional”.

E-waste generally consists of those substances contained in an appliance product which can have adverse effects on the environment and hence managing it in a scientific way is important. Apart from affecting the environment it can also have adverse affect on the health of the people.

Recycling benefits of old appliances:

  • Recycling recovers valuable materials from old appliances that can be used to make new products. As a result, we save energy, reduce pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save resources by extracting lessraw materials from the earth.
  • Safe recycling of outdated appliances promotes sound and scientific management of toxic chemicals thereby protecting our surroundings.
  • Donating your used appliances benefits our community by passing on ready-to-use or refurbished equipment to those who need it.
  • E-waste is a growing waste stream. By recycling these items, landfill space is conserved.

Consequences of unsafe disposal of appliances:

  • Toxic material present in e-waste get mixed with earth, air, water etc and causes health issues.
  • Oil & Gases which is present is some of e-waste like compressor and PCB causes environment pollution.
  • Burning of rubber, foam & Plastic in open area causes air pollution.

In India, E-Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2011 have been notified by the Central Government. Godrej stands committed to implement E -Waste Rules. For this purpose Godrej has partnered with the recyclers with valid authorization from Pollution Control Board to facilitate our customers to enable them to dispose of e -waste products after its end- of-life* in an environmentally conscious manner.

Customers are urged to strictly follow the guidelines given in the take back policy and help to protect our Mother Earth.

*End of life product means when a product is non-operational or non-repairable.


Disposal Guidance of End-of-Life Products
Consumers could contribute to resource conservation and prevent potential environmental problems by simply not mixing e-waste with other general waste material and calling Godrej call CenterNo. 1800 209 5511

Recycling of Products:
Many customers might think that end-of-life products are worthless, but they still contain many reusable or recyclable materials. Let's see how all parts of old products could be recycled.

  • Valuable metals used for making circuit board;compressor motors etc. are recovered by smelting process for use again hence conserving resources.
  • Plastic materials which are used for structural components are recycled for non-critical applications.
  • Paper is the main component used in packaging which can be easily recycled and reused. This simple stepwill save so many acres of forest.

These initiatives are steps towards making cleaner and greener earth and also our commitment towards Environment. We invite all our valuable customers to join this initiative and help to preserve environment.

How customer can get their product recycled:

  • Customers can contact Godrej call center (Call Center 1800 209 5511) for putting request to recycleGodrej products after use.
  • Godrej will send its authorized recycler/ Company agent to your place (home/ premise/ company) to facilitate safe recycling of the product.
  • Recycler /Company agent will collect the product from your house for safe disposal without charging any cost to you.
  • After collection, Recycler / company agent will send the product for recycling to a Pollution control board authorized facility.


  • Keep the product in isolated area, after it becomes non-functional/un-repairable so as to prevent its accidental breakage.
  • All electrical and Appliance products are required to be handed over only to the Godrej Authorized recycler.


  • The product should not be dismantled by the User himself/herself, but only by authorized service personnel.
  • The product is not meant for re-sale to any unauthorized agencies/scrap dealer.
  • The product is not meant for mixing into household waste stream.


  • Which Godrej products can be recycled through this initiative?
    Currently the initiative covers pick up of e-waste related to only Godrej air-conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators.

  • Do consumers have to pay to get their Godrej Appliances disposed?
    Consumers do not have to pay for safe disposal of theirappliances through Godrej Authorized recyclers / agents.

  • Can we dispose any old appliance through Godrej authorized recyclers/agents?
    No. You can dispose only Godrej products through our recyclers/agents.

  • Is it possible to dispose of the products from anywhere in India, and how much time will it take?
    Yes it is possible and it will take about 7- 10 days to get the products picked by our authorized recyclers from the time of the first call made to call center.

  • Are there any monetary benefits/ discount scheme linked to this take back scheme?
    There is no discount scheme/ monetary benefit linked. By participating in this program, you are helping the environment for a cleaner and better India

  • Is Microwave Oven covered under Take Back Policy of Godrej?
    Yes. But only Refrigerator, Washing Machine & Air Conditioner will be collected from customer’s location, other products like Microwave Oven and Water purifier, etc. should be dropped at our designated collection centers.