GVR 25 Lite DC

Vaccine Refrigerator

  • Precise 4 C cooling for Vaccines
  • Holdover up to 4 days
  • Inbuilt data Logger
  • WHO-PQS Qualified

Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator

Easy to use plug and play solar panels

Does not rely on batteries to store energy during periods of no power

Sure Chill technology guarantees never to freeze vaccines

Environment friendly - CFC, HFC and HCFC free

WHO pre-qualified. Ambient temperature rated +10°C to +43°C.

Has a built-in intelligent temperature control, early warning and energy management system

Solar array 500W


Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Refrigerators


Dimensions 774 x 818 x 1097 mm (WxDxH)
Gross Storage Capacity 41 Ltr
Vaccine Storage Capacity 27.5 Ltr
Energy Consumption, Stable Running 0.88 kWh/24 hours
Energy Consumption, Cool Down Test 0.90 kWh/24hours
Refrigerant R600a
PQS Code E003/103
Weight 65 Kg
Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008
Holdover Time 3 - 4 Days
Stuffing Quantity (20'/40' Container) 21 / 42


  1. Minimises thermal shock during usage compared to conventional refrigerators
  2. Operating temperature range: 2℃ to 8℃
  3. Voltage and frequency: 2 x 250W solar panels
  4. Guaranteed never to freeze contents with patented Sure Chill technology

Additional Features

  1. Display Thermometer: Externally readable digital display thermometer
  2. Surge protector inbuilt
  3. Front opening for easy stock management
  4. Corrosion resistant: Outer cabinet is made of galvanised steel
  5. Fitted with two latch locks for use with a padlock
  6. Designed for easy maintenance and repair
  7. 2 year warranty

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by The Sure Chill Company.

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