About Godrej Medical Refrigerators

Uncompromised cooling

  1. Sure Chill technology limits temperature variation within the cabinet to less than 1˚C and guarantees never to freeze vaccines
  2. The technology provides exceptionally long holdover times to cope with periods of no power
  3. Ice never forms on the cabinet walls - no risk of freezing and no need to ever defrost the refrigerator
  4. Solar Direct Drive models deliver same reliable performance as mains powered versions

Compliant with International Standards

  1. All models have been independently tested and are WHO pre-qualified
  2. All models are extensively tested to simulate the harshest environmental conditions
  3. Independent study confirms Sure Chill technology provides dependable cooling - protecting lifesaving vaccines

Saving lives around the world

  1. Sure Chill technology is in use in over 30 countries across the world including; Afghanistan, Chad, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Malaysia, Mali, Nigeria, Philippines, Senegal, Sierre Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, USA, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Sure Chill technology is a patented technology licensed
by The Sure Chill Company.

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