The primary benefits of recycling are:
• Saves Natural Resources: By reusing materials we conserve land and also eliminate digging into the minerals.
• Saves Energy: It takes less energy to make recycled products, for instance making recycled aluminum takes 95% less energy than new aluminum from bauxite ore.
• Saves Clean Air and Water: Making products from recycled material creates far lesser air and water pollution compared to manufacturing products from virgin materials.


Protection of Environment Information –

Protection of Environment is one of the core values of Godrej & we seek your co-operation to make sure that this product is not disposed as unsorted municipal waste.

This symbol present on all our appliances is known as the “Crossed-out Wheelie Bin Symbol”. It means that the product should not be disposed with your general house-hold waste.
It should be disposed of only through the company’s collection centers with special treatment so as to prevent any damage to the environment.


For further details on Godrej Appliances recycling policy, call: 1800 209 5511
For further details on collection points click here.
For further details on collection centres (as on July 2017) click here.
For further details on Godrej Appliances’ RoHS Compliance click here.