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GSC 12 FG 6 BNG  

Capacity: 1T                                                     
BEE Star Rating: 5
GSC 12 FG 6 BNG               Rs. 44,990/-
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India Design mark award
Design Mark Award
Green Balance Split Air Conditioner Range bags the “India Design Mark” award for 2013. India Design Mark is awarded by India Design Council which is an autonomous body of Government of India established under the aegis of Department of Industrial Policy & promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.
Free Standard Installation
5 Star Energy Rating
Free Standard Installation applicable only on Green Balance AC range
Catechin Filter
Polybag Suspenders
Catechin has anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties which help deodorization and fights bacteria.
Auto Clean/Blow Function
Polybag Suspenders
The indoor unit fan remains on for 2 minutes after the AC has been turned off. This helps clean all the residual water from the evaporator.
Air Swing
100% Green
The AC spreads the cooling evenly across the room.
Memory Function
Anti-B Technology
Helps the AC remember the operation settings before a power cut and automatically resumes when the power is back on.
Timer ON/OFF
ZOP Technology
The remote control has an inbuilt clock which allows the user to set the timer in real time, unlike other ACs, where the time is set in hours.
Dry Mode
100% Green
The AC works as a dehumidifier in this mode and relieves you of excess humidity in the room.
Stepped Louvers
100% Green
Through this feature the opening angle of the louvers can be adjusted step by step, thus adjusting the direction of the air flow as desired.
Auto Mode
ZOP Technology
The AC automatically selects the mode in which it should run by judging the difference in the ambient temperature and the set temperature.
Silver Ion Filter
ZOP Technology
Air carries with it fine particles of dust. The filter sucks in such unhealthy air and gives back a fresh, clean breeze.
Sleep Mode
100% Green
The temperature increases by 1ºCelsius per hour for the first two hours. It also helps reduce energy consumption.
Turbo Mode
ZOP Technology
The AC gives instant cooling in this mode.
Air Purifier/Dust Filter
5 Star Energy Rating
Air carries with it fine particles of dust. The filter sucks in such unhealthy air and gives back a fresh, clean breeze.
Auto Restart
Nutra Lamp
In case of a power cut, when the power is restored the AC starts automatically.

6 Star Performance – BEE has laid out a maximum energy rating of 5 stars and accordingly the product carries an energy rating label of 5 star

*In Comparison with professional hairdryer, which consumes 1500 watts per hour.

*Only In Comparison with Fix Speed Compressor Air Conditioner models having 1 ton capacity. This is in consonance with the Star Rating list for AC models available on the official website of BEE as on 20/03/2014.

*Saves 10% over 5 star AC’s – Savings are indicative as per following conditions 1 KW = 1 unit , AC used for 6 hrs/day, 80% Compressor on time, 1 unit cost = INR 7/-both the AC’s being used for 10 months (303 days in a year) The Comparison is between Godrej Green Balance GSC 18 FG 6 WNG(1.5 Tr model), with power consumption of 1350 watts & a 1.5 Tr model listed on the BEE website with power consumption of 1500 watts.

*Free Standard Installation – Free Standard Installation only for Green Balance AC range.

In view of the Godrej policy of continuous development, these features, specifications and colors are subject to change without prior notice.
*Colours vary by models. Please check specifications.